Lightweight, adaptable and flexible frames on which we graft the vegetable cover

Composite materials

Our grid structures are made of composite material. With mechanical strength identical to steel, our grids are four times lighter and they’re more durable (no corrosion in poor weather conditions).

Shaping the city’s identity

Modular and reversible, our structure can be laid for covering public spaces or fixed on roofs. The innovative structural typologies used are optimal in terms of mechanical performances and this offers an unbeatable material / shade ratio.

Plug-and-play technology

It is possible to connect several structures together to increase the area of shaded surface.


Climbing plants, vegetated canopy and freshness.

Islands of freshness and biodiversity

The climbing plants that line our structures provide freshness from the shade and evapotranspiration. This benefits people’s health and quality of life.

CO2 capture and storage


The capture and storage of carbon in plants is permitted through the photosynthesis mechanism. This makes it possible to limit greenhouse gas emissions, which are very present in urban areas.

Water retention


Green structures reduce the risk of flooding. They retain rainwater and evacuate it by evapotranspiration. They ensure better drainage of rainwater and reduced runoff.


For an autonomous and connected watering system

A connected and autonomous pot


The Sensopee® system we developed, for the vegetable part, allows our canopy to be completely independent for it’s water and electricity needs.

Autonomous watering system


Our system includes a pot containing a specific substrate and a water storage, combined with connected sensors. This allowed us to develop and implement an irrigation algorithm with distance monitoring.

Monitoring and evaluation of the biodiversity


Thanks to the data collected by the sensors, maintenance is greatly reduced and the system transmits data back to a central point : temperature, hygrometry, diverse particles, presence of the biodiversity (fauna and flora).