By greening 1/4 of the city, it is estimated that ambient temperatures can be reduced by 2°C to 4°C.

Elodie Grimoin - CEO Urban Canopee

Our solutions Corolles

Cool down the city with vegetation !

Vegetation is the best natural air conditioning in the world

Fight against heat islands

Its airy structure ensures optimized air circulation and creates natural plant shade. It blocks and reflects the sun's rays.

Water cycle management

Equipped with sensors in the soil and a water reservoir, its connected system, called Sensopee, ensures the irrigation of the plants.

The return of biodiversity

A haven for urban wildlife. The Corolle is an ecosystem that protects biodiversity.

Plug & Play installation

Modular, it can be installed and moved very quickly, and has no impact on underground networks or existing urban infrastructures.

Designed and manufactured in France

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